Salisbury E218CRB/12 Lineman Gloves

Salisbury E218CRB/12 Lineman Gloves

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Salisbury E218CRB/12 Lineman Gloves

  • SALISBURY By Honeywell Class 2 Size 12, Red/Black Linemen's Gloves with contour cuff feature natural rubber construction that renders the needed dielectric properties with flexibility, strength as well as durability. 18" High voltage gloves have contour cuff that can be angled when the arm is bent which helps to eliminate bunching or binding at the elbow. Gloves comply with ASTM class 2 standards.


  • Contour cuff is angled to prevent bunching or binding at the elbow when the arm is at rest. Available on all 18" gloves only

  • Voltage rating: 17000 VAC