FLIR E40-KIT-45 Infrared Camera With MSX And 45 Degree Lens 160 x 120
FLIR E40-KIT-45 Infrared Camera With MSX And 45 Degree Lens (f=10mm) 160 x 120
FLIR E40-KIT-45 Infrared Camera With MSX And 45 Degree Lens 160 x 120
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FLIR E40-KIT-45 Infrared Camera With MSX And 45 Degree Lens 160 x 120

Flir E40 KIT 45 improves your troubleshooting efficiency with detailed reports creation and image sharing.

Flir's E40 features a 45 degree lens and an unbeatable array of communication, imaging & productivity tools which help you do more in a day.

Wi-Fi and FLIR Tools Mobile

Connect Flir E-Series infrared cameras with smart phones & tablets with the Wi-Fi app. You can stream thermal video live so your co-workers may watch with you. Import your radiometric JPEG images, adjust the color & contrast, add measurement tools then include images in precise reports. Email your findings from the field so you can expedite crucial decisions.
Flir E40 Kit 45 Features FLIR Tool Mobile Communication & WiFi

MSX Thermal Imaging Enhancement

Labels, numbering & other important features are not always supported in a normal thermal image and they often require a completely separate photo to use for reference. Alternatively, Flir's MSX Enhancement will virtually etch those important visual details onto your infrared images in real-time, creating an all in 1, infrared image that shows precisely where potential problems are causing heat to build up.
Simple Touch Screen Tools

With FLIR's Dark Precision touchscreen at your finger tips, you can instantly gain access to multiple measurement tools for temperature, various image modes, previously archived JPEG images & more so getting the job done won't ever be a hassle.

Multiple Measurements

You may add 3 box areas & 3 moveable spots utilizing your touchscreen to gain temperature information that has more detail.

Flir E40-Kit-45 Has A Simple Touchscreen Interface Anyone Can Use
Auto Orientation

Automatic screen orientation allows you to switch between portrait and landscape view for field of view optimization while keeping temperature measurement overlay upright on your LCD regardless of how you're holding the camera.

Flir E40 Kit 45 Auto Orientation Keeps Your Infrared Images Upright On the LCD And Features Portrait And Landscape Views
Flir E40 Kit 45 Has A Wide Variety Of Optional Lenses To Accommodate Your Specific Infrared ApplicationsOptional Optics & Full Control Of Focus

A variety of convenient interchangeable lenses enables switching to wide angle so you can capture more area in a single shot or to the telephoto lens to see & measure temperatures for distant or smaller targets. The manual focus allows you to obtain the sharpest clarity & finest accuracy.

Unique & Beneficial E40 Features
  • 45 Degree Lens (f = 10 millimeters) included
  • LED lamp & laser pointer to light up dark settings & marking locations in your visual photos. The illumination provides additional visible details for MSX enhancement
  • Bluetooth communication allows you to send data from MeterLink enabled clamp & moisture meters to your camera, embedding that data into infrared images while you capture them
  • Higher range of temperature - up to 650 degrees C or 1202 degrees F - helps you to take measurements on hotter operating equipment with more accuracy so you will be sure if it is safely operating within its specifications
  • Improved thermal sensitivity of < 0.045 degrees C helps you to see much subtler differences in temperature & heat patterns which make pinpointing, pest infestations, moisture intrusion & more a lot easier
FLIR E40-KIT-45 Specifications
IR Resolution160 × 120 pixels
MSX Resolution320 × 240
Thermal Sensitivity< 0.07°C
Accuracy±2°C or ±2% of reading
Temperature Range-4°F to 1,202°F (-20°C to 650°C)
Video Camera w/Lamp3.1 MP
Lens OptionsStandard: 25° & 45°
Optional 15° Tele
Zoom2× Continuous Digital
Uncooled Microbolometerx
Color LCD Touch Screen3.5” (320 x 240 )
Multi Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX)IR image with enhanced detail presentation
Laser Spotx
Video OutComposite
Frame Rate60 Hz
Moveable Spots‡3
Box Areas3
Delta T‡x
Insulation Alarmx
Dewpoint Alarmx
File Storage
Radiometric JPG to SD Cardx
MPEG4 Video Recordingx
Wi-Fi to Apple & Android Mobile Devicesx
Instant ReportN/A
FLIR Toolsx
Battery Type/Op TimeLi Ion, 4 hours operating time
Dual-bay Charger & Spare BatteryOptional
Weight1.82 lbs (0.825 kg) including lens
Warranty2 Years parts and labor coverage on the camera
5 Years coverage on the battery
10 Years coverage on the detector
Accessories (Optional)
15 & 45 degree lenses, cigarette lighter adapter, tripod adapter, sun shield, Bluetooth headset & more
‡ Professional analytics tools include DeltaT functionality and multiple movable spots.

Choose Options

 1910582ACC - Video Cable [+$25.00]
 1910423 - USB Cable Std A to Mini B [+$30.00]
 T198509 - Cigarette lighter adapter kit 12 VDC 1.2 m / 3.9 ft. [+$40.00]
 T198485 - Sunshield [+$50.00]
 T198486 - Tripod Adapter [+$50.00]
 T198484 - Pouch Case [+$55.00]
 T198487 - Battery [+$90.00]
 T197771ACC - Bluetooth Headset [+$130.00]
 T198125 - Battery Charger [+$160.00]
 T910814 - Power Supply including multi plugs [+$165.00]
 1196960 - 45° Lens (45° f=10mm) With Case [+$1,050.00]
 1196961 - 15° Lens (15° f=30mm) With Case [+$1,325.00]
Extended Warranties
 1 YW-EXT-160 - Year 3 Gold PLUS Extended Warranty [+$500.00]
 2 YW-EXT-160 - Year 3 & 4 Gold PLUS Extended Warranty [+$1,000.00]
 1 YW-PREM-160 - Year 2 Platinum Premier Extended Warranty [+$800.00]
 2 YW-PREM-160 - Year 2 & 3 Platinum Premier Extended Warranty [+$1,600.00]
 3 YW-PREM-160 - Year 2 3 & 4 Platinum Premier Extended Warranty [+$2,400.00]
  FLIR E40-KIT-45 Infrared Camera With MSX And 45 Degree Lens 160 x 120