Honeywell North RPFP60C Carbon Monoxide Filtration Panel - Canada
North by Honeywell RPFP60C Carbon Monoxide Filtration Panel

Honeywell North RPFP60C Carbon Monoxide Filtration Panel - Canada

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Honeywell North RPFP60C Carbon Monoxide Filtration Panel - Canada

The North Safety RPFP60C Filtration Panel will produce clean air for you on demand; converting your dirty shop air into breathable clean air. 

This model will accommodate up to 4 workers (CO alarm set at 5 PPM).
The Honeywell CO Filtration Panel can transform the filthy contaminated air in your shop where pneumatic tools & equipment are used into a safe, OSHA & CSA Complaint environment. Breathe clean air while avoiding costly installations of separate systems for breathable air. The 3-stage filtration system will purify compressed air efficiently by removing particulate contaminants, oil, and water, while monitoring the level of (CO) carbon monoxide.
  • Reference OSHA 29CFR1910.134 to find Grade D air requirement
  • Reference CSA Z180.1-00 to find the Canadian quality of breathing air requirement
Honeywell also recommends using the following guidelines in addition to compliance with standards above
  • Compressors should placed in safe & clean ambient air environments
  • Properly maintain and service your compressor
  • System and area air quality must be tested routinely
  • The user must accept responsibility for following recommendations in the product manual & to be in compliance with local, state and federal regulations
  • When serviced and used according to instructions Honeywell's filtration panels do meet the federal requirements
North by Honeywell RPFP60C Features
  • Red flashing light & a 90 dB (max.) audible alarm for the CO monitor is seen & heard by all workers in the area
  • Preset CO monitor according to CSA or OSHA regulations which ensures compliance & safety of employees
  • External optional CO alarm enables the alarm placement closer to the work area so workers can be alerted when CO levels become too high
  • Pressure regulator has an adjustable knob which allows the amount of pressure the respirator manufacturer recommends to be set & locked in place with a locking ring, preventing accidental adjustment
    or tampering
  • A clear window over the pressure gauge enables workers to analyze the pressure when the case is closed 

Assembly Contents

  • Rugged, sealed Pelican case protects against dust, liquids & can be locked preventing unauthorized air flow changes
  • 16 gauge, black-powder coated steel support stand
  • Plumbing is all brass with quick disconnect Hansen couplers

RPFP60C Specifications

CO Monitor
Power 115 Volts AC - 9 Volts DC adapter provides continuous power
9 Volt Alkaline battery (as primary or back up to AC adapter)
Alarm Settings 5 PPM
External Connections Opt. Remote Alarm with Strobe Light
Audible Piezo Alarm 90 dB
Visual LED light signal w/ External power
Sensor Replaceable Electrochemical
Display LCD
Keys Set & Mode
Mode Normal, calibration, battery charge & peak mode
Calibration Self-adjusting calibrations to 20 parts per million CO
1st Stage Particulate filter 5 micron element & auto mechanical drain
2nd Stage Coalescing  0.010 micron filter element & manual drain
3rd Stage Activated carbon 0.003 micron filter element & manual drain
Regulator High pressure, adjustable knob for pressure , 0 to 160 pressure gauge & relief valve (external)
Flow Meter Metering adjustable valve with a 0.0 to 1.0 LPM range
Material Composition
1st Stage Nylon bowl guard, ABS Cover, Zinc manifold, Polycarbonate bowl with 5-micron coalescing Sintered-
Polyethylene filter element & auto mechanical drain
2nd Stage
Nylon bowl guard, ABS Cover, Zinc manifold, Pressure indication, Polycarbonate bowl w/
0.010 micron coalescing Borosilicate Cloth filter element & manual drain
3rd Stage
Nylon bowl guard, ABS Cover, Zinc manifold, Pressure indication, Polycarbonate bowl w/ 
0.003 parts per million activated-carbon filter element & manual drain
Regulator Acetal Adjustable knob, Zinc body, High Pressure, ABS Cover, Brass / Nitrile valve, 0 to 160
pressure gauge & relief valve (external)
Flow Meter
Teflon float, Clear acrylic, w/ metering adjustable valve
0.0 to 1.0 LPM Graduations
Size (L x W x H) 21 x 6.75 x 14.5 inches (53.3 x 17 x 36.8 centimeters)
Weight 21 pounds (9.5 kilograms)
Accessories CO monitor calibration kit - RPFPCK [+$580.00]
CO monitor 17 liter C gas cylinder - RPFPCO [+$108.33]
O2 monitor 17 liter C gas cylinder - RPFPO2 [+$108.33]
CO remote alarm - 50 feet - RPFPRA [+$641.67]
Pre-filter assembly - 935003N [+$548.33]
Replacement Parts 115 - 120 Volts AC adaptor - RPFP987295 [+$48.33]
Replacement filters assembly - RPFPRFK60 [+$316.67]
CO replacement sensor - RPFP987269 [+$350.00]