Testo 0563 3220 70 320 Combustion Analyzer Kit O2 CO CO2 Flue Gas
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Testo 0563 3220 70 320 Combustion Analyzer Kit O2 CO CO2 Flue Gas
Testo 0563 3220 70 320 Combustion Analyzer Kit
Testo 0563 3220 70 320 Combustion Analyzer Kit O2 CO CO2 Flue Gas
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Testo 0563 3220 70 320 Combustion Analyzer Kit O2 CO CO2 Flue Gas

Combustion analysis in high definition is more than just a brilliant display, it’s a combination of proven measurement standards, contractor-rugged design, and Testo’s innovation.

The testo 320 makes combustion analysis easier to perform, easier to control, and easier to understand. The 320 is designed for the job site and for the contractor that expects more. Use it for basic testing and tuning of all types of boilers, heater or furnaces. Use it to set up and commission more complex multi-stage, or modulating heating systems. Combustion analysis, draft, temperature, pressure, combustion efficiency and a host of other calculations and functions - all shown in vivid color. With simple icon navigation, you soon realize it will do more for HVAC testing.
With the testo 320 you gain more testing flexibility giving you more customer opportunities and greater profit potential. It provides all the parameters listed, plus the capabilities shown below.
Comprehensive combustion analysis
  • O2, CO, CO2, Ambient/room CO, CO Air free
  • CO sensors with NOx filter
  • Flue Draft, Pressure (vent or duct or switches)
  • Temperature (flue & room)
  • Combustion Efficiency, Excess air
  • Flue Gas Matrix (w/ four user-defined combustion types)
  • Oil flow and gas clock BTU calculator
  • Memory to 500 readings plus customer site information
  • Optional probes for
    • Fine pressure, Gas Leak, Ambient CO2 (IR), Ambient CO air,
      draft, pressure, differential temperature
testo 0563 3220 70 Includes
  • testo 320 combustion analyzer
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 10 Extra particulate filters
  • 12" probe with cone & hose assembly
  • AC power supply (with USB recharging)
  • Rugged case
  • Calibration Certificate
Designed for the job site and the needs of a busy contractor.
The testo 320 gives you a wider measurement range that lets you test not only controlled or normal combustion applications but those that have problems. With a CO measurement range up to 4000 ppm (or optional 8000 ppm) you can test more combustion appliances.
CO sensor with integrated NOx filter
The testo 320 eliminates the guess work and provides accurate readings. Integrated NOx filters assure you of the highest CO measurement accuracy, unlike other analyzers that add the NOx concentration to the CO measurement displayed. Whether you are measuring combustion, air free, or ambient CO – you need to make the decision on a correct measurement.

Testo 320 Details
Innovative features like the “flue gas matrix” will graphically display the combustion characteristics. This is an easy way show if the heating system is running efficiently “in the green” or wasteful and unsafe “in the red.” Simply make adjustments to the heating system until the cross-hair is “in the green” zone. Clever functions like this give you more information for easier adjustments and set-up.
The testo 320 makes your job easier by displaying two to eight user-defined parameters. With 8 parameters you see all the measurements simultaneously. No need to scroll up and down chasing the measurements and double guessing. Magnets on the back of both the analyzer and the printer attach in a secure and convenient spot. The printout documents the results with your company’s contact information. This helps to remind your customer who to call for their next cleaning or yearly service check. easyHeat software (optional) can help schedule jobs and print reports with your company’s logo for a professional look. The testo 320 combines many combustion tools into one rugged package for faster combustion analysis so you can focus on growing your business.
Gas leak detection
The gas leak probe allows you to safely identify gas leaks. The results can be stored and documented. The test results are displayed in ppm.
Draft and Pressure measurement
Critical for proper combustion performance is the draft measurement to determine if flue gases are flowing correctly. With the simultaneous flue gas temperature displayed, you know if the probe is positioned properly. The pressure measurement gives you the flexibility to test a variety of flow pressures in lines and switches.
Ambient CO measurement
The 320’s ambient CO function (or optional probe) will display results graphically and sound audible alarms when levels are unsafe (user-defined levels). The optional CO probe can also be used for simultaneous measurement of flue gas and ambient CO.
Differential Temperature
This option measures the difference between the outgoing and return line temperatures. This provides critical information for flow rate adjustments and compliance with boiler specifications.
Test 320 Features
  • High-definition graphic display - Not only is it bright and easy to see, it’s easy to understand
  • Sensor diagnostics & monitoring - Simple “traffic light” signal shows sensor health and readiness
  • Get your job done - Fast 30 second start up
  • Ultra-rugged housing - Hard rubberized housing to withstand real-life abuse
  • Save on battery replacement costs - Work all day with lithium rechargeable battery technology
  • Hands-free operation - Powerful magnets reside on the 320’s housing
  • Easy to see and replace filters - Protect the instrument’s measurement accuracy with quick exchange probe filters
  • Memory makes it smart - Store up to 500 tests printing on site or download to easyheat software
  • Hardened cam-lock fittings - Provides leak-free operation and greater test confidence
  • Additional probes - A wide range of probes enable you to upgrade at a moment’s notice and gives you greater customer flexibility
  • Longer lasting sensors - Typically last more than three years. Sensors are field replaceable and pre-calibrated
  • Simple icon navigation - Simple push button operation with easy-to-follow menu icons
  • Quick drain condensate trap - The sensor’s integrity is protected by the 320’s condensate trap
Data management for combustion analysis
An infared printer or optional Bluetooth printer is available for the testo 320, for printing out measurement values on site. The testo 320 has built-in memory that can save up to 500 measurements.
easyheat software option
easyheat software simplifies the management and archiving of your valuable customer data and measurement values on a laptop at the job site or on a PC at home. With easyheat, you can create customized individual reports. You can transfer your data easily and securely through the USB port or Bluetooth (factory installed option) to a PC, printer, or other hardware Thanks to easyheat software.
Additional Test Probes
The testo 320 has a probe available for almost any measurement. Well-designed cam-lock couplings assure leak free operation and quick changes. Simply click in various lengths and diameters to fit different flue or stack configuration.  Additional probes like the gas leak, ambient CO, CO2, and the fine pressure probe provide more job site testing flexibility.

Testo 320 Specifications
O2 measurement
0 to 21 vol.%
±0.2 vol.%
CO measurement
0 to 4000 ppm
±20 ppm (0 to 400 ppm)
±5% of m.v. (401 to 2000 ppm)
±10% of m.v. (2001 to 4000 ppm)
-40° to 2192 °F
±2 °F (32° to 212 °F)
±0.5% of m.v. remaining range
Draft measurement
-4 to 16 "H2O
±0.008 "H2O or
±5% of m.v. (at -0.2 to +0.2 "H2O)
±0.01"H2O (at 0.2 to 1.2 "H2O)
±1.5% of m.v. (at 1.2 to 16 "H2O
0 to 120 "H2O
±0.2 "H2O (0.0 to 20 "H2O)
±1% of m.v. (at 20 to 40 "H2O)
±1.5% of m.v. (at 40 to 120 "H2O)
Efficiency testing
0 - 100%
Excess Air
0 - 99%
CO2 calculation
(digital calculation from O2)
0 to CO2 max
bient CO measurement (with CO probe)
0 - 500 ppm
±5 ppm (0 to 100 ppm)
±5% of m.v. (>100 ppm)
Gas leak measurement for combustible
gases (with gas leak detector probe)
0 to 10,000 ppm
CH4 / C3H8
Signal Optical display (LED)
Ambient CO2 measurement
(with ambient CO2 probe)
0 to 1 vol. %
0 to 10,000 ppm
±50 ppm or ±2% of m.v.
(0 to 5000 ppm)
±100 ppm or
±3% of m.v.
(5001 to 10000 ppm)

Storage temp. -4° to 122 °F
Operating temp. 23° to 113 °F
Power supply Rechargeable battery: 3.7 V/2400 mAh
Power supply: 6 V/1.2 A
Memory 500 readings
Display Color graphic display 240 x 320 pixels
Weight Approx. 1.3 lbs.
Dimensions 9.5 x 3.3 x 2.5 in.
Warranty Instrument/probes/gas sensors: 24 mos.
Rechargeable battery: 12 mos.

Choose Options
 Bluetooth Module Upgrade - (Special order for new order only) Includes Hardware and Activations Code (0460 0935) - 0450 3338 [call for price] 
 Easy heat Software (need 0449 0047 USB cable) - 0554 3332 [+$205.00]
 USB Cable - 0449 0047 [+$27.00]
 Fast IR printer - 0554 0549 [+$349.00]
 Thermal printer paper - 6 rolls (10 year legibility) - 0554 0568 [+$38.00]
 Pack of 10 Particle filters - (compact probe) - 0554 0040 [+$39.00]
 Std. Smoke Pump Testing Kit (incl. lubricant filter paper and scale) - 0554 0307 [+$185.00]
 Manual smoke pump filter paper - 40 strips - 0554 0308 [+$13.00]
 Smoke pump scale - 0554 0309 [+$25.00]
 AC Power supply (USB) - 0554 1105 [+$55.00]
 Spare Rechargable battery testo 320 - 0515 0046 [+$31.00]
 Standard case for 320 - 0516 3334 [+$156.00]
Flue Gas Probes
 Hose extension - 9' - 0554 1202 [+$295.00]
 7" Compact Probe 1/4" diameter w/ 5' hose 932°F - 0600 9740 [+$210.00]
 12" Compact probe 1/4" diameter w/ 5' hose 932°F - 0600 9741 [+$315.00]
 7" Modular probe 5/16" dia w/ 7' hose t max=932°F - 0600 9760 [+$369.00]
 12" Modular probe 5/16" diameter with 7" hose t max=932°F - 0600 9761 [+$365.00]
 12" Modular - Flexible flue gas probe shaft - 0554 9764 [+$327.00]
Special Probes
 Gas Leak Probe - 0632 3330 [+$385.00]
 Ambient CO Probe - 0632 3331 [+$620.00]
 Ambient CO2 Probe ( need connection cable ( 0430 0143) - 0632 1240 [+$880.00]
 Connection cable - 0430 0143 [+$59.00]
 Differential Temperature Set - 0554 1208 [+$150.00]
 Fine Pressure Probe ( Call for required cable) - 0638 0330 [+$450.00]
 Dual Wall Probe for Annular gap O2 supply - 0632 1260 [+$199.00]
 Combustion air temp / probe 7.5" immersion - 0600 9787 [+$169.00]
 Combustion air temp / probe 2.4" immersion w/ 13' cable - 0600 9797 [+$165.00]
Replacement Sensors
 O2 sensor 0-21.0 vol% - Call for price 
 CO Sensor 0-4000 ppm - Call for price 

Testo 0563 3220 70 320 Combustion Analyzer Kit