Testo 881-3 881 3 Thermal Imager Kit with Integrated Digital Camera
Testo 881
Testo 881-3 881 3 Thermal Imager Kit with Integrated Digital Camera
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Testo 881-3 881 3 Thermal Imager Infrared Camera Kit with Integrated Digital Camera - Includes Testo 881-3 Kit and Protective Lens

Testo 881-3 Features:

  • Excellent image quality
    With a thermal resolution of < 50mK or 0.05ºC, the testo 881 delivers high-resolution images in which even the smallest temperature differences are detected.
  • Indicates high risk moisture areas 
    The testo 881 highlights high risk moisture areas that are potential breeding grounds for dangerous molds
  • Built-in digital camera with power LEDs
    The 881 features an integrated digital camera that takes a digital image of the measurement area for complete diagnosis and analysis plus the power LEDs provide optimal illumination of dark areas to give you the best visual images. 
  • Isotherm function
    Marks critical pre-defined temperature values in an area with a color alarm.
  • Voice recording
    Document important information on site during an IR audit with a voice recording.  Store your comments along with the IR and visual images in the 881 for easier analysis and interpretation of image data using the provided software.
  • MIN / MAX 
    Displays the minimum and maximum temperature of any selected area at a glance 
  • Motorized focus for single handed operation 
    The convenient motorized focus lets you operate the 881 safely and for longer periods of time without strain 
  • High temperature option
    The optional high temperature lens extends the temperature measuring range of the testo 881 up to 1022 °F.

Testo 881-3 Key Specifications:

  • NETD < 50 mK
  • High-quality standard lens 32° x 23°
  • Integrated digital camera
  • Auto Hot/Cold spot indicator
  • Manual focus
  • Temperature range -4 to +662°F
  • 33 Hz refresh rate 
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