Cool Machines CM 1500: A Remarkable Machine with Portability and Excellent Performance

Posted by Net Zero Tools on 9/28/2021
Cool Machines CM 1500: A Remarkable Machine with Portability and Excellent Performance
The insulation industry plays a significant role in providing a well-built house the excellent weatherization it needs to be able to have a comfortable living experience. If we take the time to appreciate how our houses were built, we would be in awe of the components that were put in place to make it a home we really want to come home to.

One of these is the effective installation of insulation materials in your attic, floors and walls. To get excellent home insulation, professional contractors in the industry take careful consideration of the machines they use. They also choose proven and tested brands that have robust and durable insulation machines to meet or exceed project requirements.

One of the insulation machine brands trusted by professional contractors is Cool Machines. This brand produces innovative insulation machines that focus on portability and ease of use, with cutting-edge and state-of-the-art technology. For these reasons, Cool Machines emerges from the competition, making it one of the most preferred in today’s market.

Among the machines they offer, Cool Machines CM 1500 is one of their best-sellers. But why? And what makes this machine so powerful and in demand?

Best entry machine for startup businesses

Cool Machines CM 1500 is a perfect insulation machine for startup contractors in the home insulation industry. Its dual 120-volt power supplies ease portability and produces impressive production rates, making it a considerable choice among other insulation machines.

What’s more, Cool Machines CM 1500 is also an affordable choice for budget-conscious contractors who are just starting a business. It is also perfect as a backup machine to a larger insulation machine.

With its rugged design, scalping auger, simple electrical features and modular components, Cool Machines CM 1500 has emerged as the most popular solution for the up-and-coming professional home insulation contractors.

More Productive and Powerful

In contrast with Cool Machines CM 700, Cool Machines CM 1500 is more productive and heavier because of its larger airlock capacity and increased power requirements. In addition, the CM 1500 is portable that it works with Cellulose, Fiberglass, Rockwool and damped and recycled fiber for wall spray.

This insulation machine high-pressure blower can max out an insulation material up to 2200 pounds per hour. Cool Machines CM 1500 is also outfitted with a dual blower system, making it a powerful, robust and rugged insulation machine.

It can be factory customized

Aside from its remarkable power and functions, Cool Machines CM 1500 can be factory customized to meet complex project needs. A customer can request to modify some functions, such as adding a second blower to satisfy longer-range blowing and spraying applications.

Its optional second blower serves as a backup system to the primary blower, making the Cool Machines CM 1500 very versatile. With this, CM 1500 is a good choice not just for startup businesses, but also for established home insulation contractors.

Simple design features

One thing that makes Cool Machines "cool" is that it always underlines its simple design features for ease of use of its powerful and cutting-edge insulation machines. With this, professional contractors need not go through laborious navigation because of complex design features.

Cool Machines CM 1500 has sleek but really simple design features embodying the objectives of Cool Machines. Unlike its competitors, Cool Machines puts its best foot forward with its leading design innovations for better, effective and efficient home insulation solutions.

While it is true that choosing the right machine is daunting, exhausting and sometimes frustrating, remember that you don't need to worry about all of these. There is a brand you can trust, Cool Machines. 

If you're a startup and want to try something that is good for "beginners," your can start with Cool Machines CM 1500.

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