AEMC 6505 2130.18 5000V Digital Megohmmeter Instruments Meter Tester
AEMC 6505 2130.18 5000V Digital Megohmmeter Instruments Meter Tester

AEMC 6505 2130.18 5000V Digital Megohmmeter Instruments Meter Tester

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AEMC 6505 2130.18 5000V Digital Megohmmeter

The AEMC 6505 5000V Digital Megohmmeter is housed in a rugged field case and can operate on line or battery power making it a portable instrument.



The AEMC 6505 performs Insulation, voltage, and capacitance measurements. This instrument adds to the safety of electrical equipment and installations. Some benefits with this product are automatic presentation and calculation of the Polarization Index and Dielectric Absorption Ratio. This specific model displays the leakage current, test voltage, and insulation resistance during the test. This Model 6505 is designed with a great level of built in safety features.






  • Combination of test voltage 500 Volts, 1000 Volts, 2500 Volts and 5000 Volts
  • Insulation measurements from 30k Ohms to 10T Ohms
  • Programmable and adjustable test voltage (40 to 5100 Volts)
  • Automatic calculation of PI Values and DAR
  • Display and direct measurement of Leakage Currentand Capacitance
  • Display of run-time, resistance, and test voltage
  • Programmable PI ratio times and test run times
  • Automatic test inhibition if live sample is less than (25)
  • Automatic display and discharge of discharge voltage
  • Large dual-display with voltage, time, and measurements visible
  • Rugged weatherproof and dual field case
  • Designed and built to IEC safety standards
  • EN 61010-1, 1000V CAT III



  • Test insulation on transformers, cables, motors, insulators, generators and wiring installations
  • Absorption tests or High resistance
  • Spot-reading tests
  • Resistance measurements (Timed)
  • Polarization Index (PI) and Dielectric Absorption Ratio (DAR) tests
  • Test water damaged or old installations over long time runs
  • Motor insulation resistance measurements


Insulation Tests
Test Voltage/Range
500 Volts
1000 Volts
2500 Volts
5000 Volts
30k Ohms to 2000G Ohms (2T Ohms)
100k Ohms to 4000G Ohms (4TOhms)
100k Ohms to 10,000G Ohms (10T Ohms)
300k Ohms to 10,000G Ohms (10T Ohms)
User Programmable Test 40 to 1000 Volts: 10 Volts increments
1000 to 5100 Volts: 100 Volt increments
Short Circuit Current <1.6mA ± 5 Percent
10k Ohms to 40G Ohms
40G Ohms to 10T Ohms
 ±5 Percent of Reading ± 3cts
±15 Percent of Reading ± 10cts
DAR (1 min/30 sec) 0.02 to 50.00
PI (10 min/1 min & user programmable) 0.02 to 50.00
Capacitance Measurement 0.005 to 49.99µF; Max resolution 1nF
Leakage Current Measurement 0.00nA to 3mA; Max resolution 1pA
Programmable Run Time R(t) 1 to 60 minutes
Discharge After Test Yes, automatic
Discharge Voltage Display Yes
Voltage Test/Safety Check 0 to 1000Vac/dc (16 to 420Hz); 1V Resolution
Voltage Warning Indicator Yes >25 Volts
Test Inhibition* Yes >25 Volts
Guard Terminal Yes – adjustable from 25 to 1000 Volts depending on test voltage range in use
Power Source Eight NiMH rechargeable batteries (included);
Line power: 85 to 256 Volts ac (50/60 Hertz)