Bacharach 0024 8512 Fyrite Intech Combustion Analyzer Reporting Kit
Bacharach Fyrite Intech 0024-8512 Residential Combustion Analyzer Reporting Kit with O2 and CO Sensor

Bacharach 0024 8512 Fyrite Intech Combustion Analyzer Reporting Kit

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Bacharach 0024 8512 Fyrite Intech Combustion Analyzer O2 CO Reporting Kit

The Bacharach Fyrite Intech is an American made, advanced combustion analyzer for residential applications that features quick, accurate O2 & CO measurements, ambient temperature and stack temperature. 

The Bacharach 0024-8512 combustion analyzer helps you reduce your service call time by giving you accurate, electronic testing results instantly with intuitive, push button operation & a selectable menu of fuel types. The new, high contrast graphical LCD display with backlighting enables you to easily see your results in all environments.
Designed for calculating the efficiency for combustion appliances and residential furnaces by measurements of stack temperatures & the percentage of oxygen in flue gas streams, The Fyrite InTech also utilizes B-Smart sensor technology that enables easy, in field pre calibrated sensor replacements, which reduces instrument downtime & provides lower cost of ownership.
The internal memory can store a maximum of 10 complete test records which can be downloaded to your PC, or printed out with the infrared printer that comes with the (optional) reporting kit.

Accurate Operation - Instrument keypad feedback assures that you have pressed the appropriate key 
Ergonomic Design - Light weight and fits easily into the palm of your hand
Extended Battery Life - 4 "AA" size alkaline batteries deliver 20 hours maximum of continuous operation time. Auto power off conserves power
B-Smart Sensors - Pre calibrated sensor field replacements eliminate the need for sending your Fyrite Intech in for calibrations. The B Smart Sensor Exchange Program allows you to receive factory calibrated sensors, so you just plug it in & continue using your 0024 8512  with no down-time saving time & money.