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Video Borescope and Inspection Camera Overview:

Borescopes and video inspection cameras generally come in three configurations.  Rigid borescopes, flexible borescopes and semi-rigid borescopes.  Although there are many options available for each type of borescopes and inspection cameras, the main difference lies within resolution.  Generally speaking rigid scopes have a higher resolution than a flexible scope.  It is always recommended to use a rigid borescope when possible and a flexible borescope when needed.  Semi-rigid scopes are generally designed as a smaller head diameter for getting in to very small areas. 
Many options are available on many different lines of borescopes.  Often times it is very overwhelming to decide which scope is best for which user's application.  We are experts on all makes and models of inspection scopes, video borescopes, borescope inspection cameras, articulating optics, small and thin optics and many other specilized borescopes, video scopes and inspection camera optics.  Please feel to drop us a line or give us call at anytime.  We are here to help from selection to field support. 800-577-6389

Common Video Borescope and Inspection Camera Applications:

  • Small Engine Inspections
  • Corrosion Inspections
  • Automotive engines and other related applcations
  • Gun bore and related inspections
  • Motor Inspections
  • HVAC duct systems
  • Building wall cavity viewing
  • Sewer pipe inspections and related plumbing applications
  • Avaiation related applications
  • Natural gas pipe inspections
  • Internal machinery part inspections.
  • Quality assurance inspections
  • Mold and mildew inspections
  • Insurance litigation and verification inspections.
  • Verfication of standards protocols in small and tight areas
  • Building code compliance
  • Electrical applications
  • and many more.
Have a unique application for a borescope and other related inspection cameras? We would love to hear about it and help.
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