Carlisle ISAAC SR. HVAC Inspection, Sealing and Advanced Cleaning Robotic System
Carlisle ISAAC Sr. (shown w/Isaac Jr.)

Carlisle ISAAC SR. HVAC Inspection, Sealing and Advanced Cleaning Robotic System

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Carlisle ISAAC SR. HVAC Insepection, Cleaning and Advanced Sealing Robotic System

Remediation of existing HVAC systems will be forever changed with the all new Carlisle ISAAC Robotic System. The ISAAC can inspect, coat and seal ductwork from the inside in addition to effectively removing debris in a single pass! ISAAC is designed with dual cameras, one on the front and one on the rear of the system, providing live video footage of the interior conditions of all types of ductwork systems. Thus lowering labor cost significantly by not having to punch a hole every 8 feet leaving costly repairs at the end of the job. The ISAAC system is a precision machine created specifically for the inspection and repair of ductwork. Once ISAAC HVAC Robotic System has been deployed it is controlled remotely and its progress monitored on the LCD display using live video feed. When reaching an area in need of remediation, ISAAC gets to work cleaning with air-driven whips and brushes, sealing leaks or coating damaged insulation with its airless sprayer. The ISAAC HVAC Robotic Systems attachments are capable of 360-degree rotation, ensuring that every inch of ductwork that needs attention is treated properly. According to the Department of Energy, the typical duct system loses 25 to 40 percent of its energy output due to improper sealing. The ISAAC HVAC Robotic System offer three major benifits to commercial buildings: improved air quality, greater energy efficiency, and easier, less costly full system inpection. Moreover, Carlisle HVAC has developed sealants and encapsulants used in conjunction with the ISAAC that are anti-microbial products. This means that these products do not provide a food source for bacteria. The ISAAC also contributes to LEED requirements when combined with theses products. (Hardcast RE-500, Low VOC Water Based Insulation Encapsulant and/or Hardcast RS-100, Low VOC Water Based Interor Duct Sealant)