Hardcast BRT-801 BRT 801 Black Hip & Ridge Sealing Tape
Hardcast BRT-801 BRT 801 Black Hip & Ridge Sealing Tape

Hardcast BRT-801 BRT 801 Black Hip & Ridge Sealing Tape

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Hardcast BRT-801 Black Hip & Ridge Sealing Tape

Hardcast BRT-801 Black Hip & Ridge Sealing Tape is a black, U.V. resistance hip and ridge sealant for under tile and roof applications. Hardcast BRT-801 has an aggressive grip, stays flexible during application, assuring immediate sealing on contact, and superior lon-term adhesion. Providing leakproof results, this butyl adhesive/sealant is asphalt and solvent free. Hardcast BRT-801 black hip and ridge sealing tape is also reversed-rolled for easy, fast application.


Preparation - Clean surface. Remove dust, dirt oil and moisture. Peel off few inches of relese liner.
Method - Apply exactly the first time, removal may damage tape and roof. Center tape on ridge board. First guide tape to lowest part of tile or shingle. DO NOT STRECH. Press down firlmly starting at lowest or most outside edge working back toward center of tape, removing bubbles. Edges must have no openings, tunnels or fishmouths.
Temperature - 35°F to 110°F


Temperature - 30°F to 110°F
Shelf Life - 24 Months (Unopened)
Flammability - Non-flammable (Contains No Asbestos, CFC or PCB)

Technical Data

Appearance - Black, Non-Gloss, Polyethylene Tape
Bonding Time - Immediate Water Tight Aggressive Grip (Full bond within 24 hours)
Thickness - 30 mils
Adhesive - THE GRAY MATTER Elastomeric Modified Butyl Rubber
Operating Temperature - -20°F to 200°F
Low Temperature Flexibility - Passes, no cracking
Tensile Strength - 445 psi avg.
Peel Strength - 17 lbs. per linear inch
Water Resistance - Excellent (Surface must be clean and dry before application)
U.V. Resistance - Excellent


Surfaces must be clean and free of moisture and contamination. Do not apply product where teperatures will exceed 200°F. Do not strech this product during application. DO NOT use where acidic or alkaline chemicals are present (i.e., lab fume hoods, vents, ect.)