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Insulation removal vacuums are ideal to vacuum insulation including; cellulose, Fiberglass or Rockwool insulation.  While our dedicated spray foam chip vacuum is application specific all other insulation removal vacuums can be used as a cellulose vacuum, Fiberglass vacuum or Rockwool vacuum. 

Smaller vacuum machines are idea for small applications, for rental companies or for companies only looking to use the insulation vac as a cavity wall insulation extraction machine.  Mid sized vacuums are perfect for spray foam companies (see our spray foam vacuum set up) and mid range volume companies that are looking to add on insulation removal as a service or to complete other types of work.  Any vacuum over 20hp is the perfect vacuum for insulation removal for companies looking for fast removal, lower hourly wage cost and for large jobs. 

All our insulation vacs are eligible for our lease to own programs.  Stop renting when you can lease to own for less.
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