Intec Vortec 74000 Beast Insulation Vacuum
Intec Vortec 74000 Beast Insulation Vacuum

Intec Vortec 74000 Beast Insulation Vacuum

Your Price: $5,885.25
Retail Price:$6,195.00
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Part Number:16206
Replacing the Vortec 690 Vacuum and engineered for high productivity, this oversized impeller propels massive amounts of air and product. Consider 35% more than a typical competitor’s vacuum. Powered with a 22HP Honda V-Twin motor with electric start and hour meter which will outperform most motors available in today’s vacuums. Digital CDI Variable Timing enables optimized ignition timing which is based on your engine speed. This provides you with excellent start up, more power, smoother operation, and fuel consumption reduced with optimal emissions performance. The Steel impeller is packages in a thick gauge shroud with 2X thick abrasive resistance steel in main wear area. The Vortec 74000 Beast comes with an oil alert to stop engine when oil level is low, a 5-gallon gas tank, and run flat wheels. Price includes:
* VacSHIELD vacuum protector module
* 10 Vacuum Bags
* VacTube pickup wand
* 150' Hose Package: 100' of 6? & 50' of 4? vacuum hose
* 6? swivel hose connector
* 6? to 4? reducer with 2-4? hose clamps and 5-” hose clamps

• Oil Alert system which shuts down the motor with low oil prevents engine damage
• Net 22HP+
• 5 gallon fuel tank
• 3 year limited warranty

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